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Many states continue to expand Medicaid benefits

A recent study has shown that several states have expanded or enhanced their Medicaid benefits this year, with several planning to do so next year.

The increased benefits were primarily for mental health treatment and substance abuse. Some of the other treatments that saw expanded benefits include telemedicine, dental care, oral contraceptives, and cancer screenings.

What is the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct?

There is a strong reason why a New York doctor or physician's assistant might want to turn immediately for help to a proven doctors' rights law firm following receipt of an adverse communication -- indeed, virtually any communication -- from the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC).

In fact, there are lots of reasons for picking up the phone.

FDA, pharmaceutical company at odds over well-known allergy shot

Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, is a New York health care law firm that traces its roots back decades and has collective on-point experience over relevant client matters that spans well more than a century. As such, the firm's attorneys candidly know a thing or two about the close regulatory scrutiny that health care-related businesses routinely face.

It is, in a word, exacting.

Family-products giant faces challenging legal future

A firm of Johnson & Johnson's stature -- and, frankly, that makes for a decidedly short list of players in the pantheon of global companies -- knows all about stark business risks and attendant downsides.

In J&J's case, company-directed lawsuits are a recurrent reality, especially given Johnson & Johnson's huge presence in the health care realm.

Under a strong spotlight: mandatory nursing home arbitration

The question is simple and eminently straightforward, to wit: Should nursing home administrators in New York and across the country be able to require prospective patients to agree to mandatory arbitration to resolve disputes as a prerequisite to home admittance, thereby surrendering their right to litigate a contested matter in court before a judge and jury?

Industry principals express near unanimous agreement on that point. They argue that trials are prohibitively expensive and that legitimate grievances can be fully addressed and equitably resolved through the quicker and more informal process marked by arbitration.

Medical device risks, security key concerns for health care actors

The so-called "Internet of things" (IoT) has been an oft-used phrase in media reports and stories over the past several years. For readers of our New York health care blog at Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, who might not know much about that concept, it quite simply refers to a device that can be connected to the Internet.

The possibilities are seemingly endless these days, ranging from toys to toasters.

Yes, regulation impacts health care: dealing with the future

Carole Faig, a regulatory expert focused on health care matters, concedes the sheer challenges and uncertainty that American medical industry actors routinely face as they seek to promote health and simultaneously prosper.

It's just a given, she says, and something that care principals -- "CEOs and other leaders in the health space" -- must simply acknowledge and deal with.

Licenses granted by DOH to five new medical marijuana firms

The New York State Department of Health made headlines earlier this week when it announced that the cultivation, production and sale of medical marijuana was going to be greatly expanded moving forward with the granting of licenses to five new firms.

The move, which brings the number of "registered organizations" licensed to take part in the tightly regulated state program to ten, perhaps comes as little surprise given the DOH's announcement back in May that it had already granted the five entities -- Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, Valley Agriceuticals, New York Canna, PalliaTech NY and Citiva Medical -- conditional approval.

Fraud-based whistleblower suit yields adverse result for hospital

When we note on our health law representation website at the well-established New York law firm of Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, that our deep legal team is "prepared to resolve any type of health care dispute that may arise for a care-delivery professional or business," that is actually saying a lot.

And here's why: Unquestionably, the legal challenges that confront medical entities both potentially and in imminently real ways span a wide -- even seemingly unlimited -- universe of possibilities.

Reportedly, health insurer settles largest-ever data breach lawsuit

Concededly, pity is not a word often linked with people's perceptions of business actors operating within the health care industry. Entities like large hospital chains, pharmaceutical companies, device makers and insurers are often viewed as too-big-to-fail entities that amass incalculably high profits and are beyond the reach of any real injury inflicted by outside forces.

That assessment, while perhaps understandable, is flawed, though, given the realities that face the health care industry and routinely challenge it in ways that are arguably unrivaled in any other business domain.

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