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What Is The New York Office Of Professional Medical Conduct

There is a strong reason why a New York doctor or physician’s assistant might want to turn immediately for help to a proven doctors’ rights law firm following receipt of an adverse communication — indeed, virtually any communication — from the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). In fact, there are lots of Read More

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Fda Pharmaceutical Company At Odds Over Well Known Allergy Shot

Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, is a New York health care law firm that traces its roots back decades and has collective on-point experience over relevant client matters that spans well more than a century. As such, the firm’s attorneys candidly know a thing or two about the close regulatory scrutiny that health care-related businesses Read More

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Yes, Regulation Impacts Health Care: Dealing With The Future

Carole Faig, a regulatory expert focused on health care matters, concedes the sheer challenges and uncertainty that American medical industry actors routinely face as they seek to promote health and simultaneously prosper. It’s just a given, she says, and something that care principals — “CEOs and other leaders in the health space” — must simply Read More

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Licenses Granted By Doh To Five New Medical Marijuana Firms

The New York State Department of Health made headlines earlier this week when it announced that the cultivation, production and sale of medical marijuana was going to be greatly expanded moving forward with the granting of licenses to five new firms. The move, which brings the number of “registered organizations” licensed to take part in Read More

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Scrutiny On FDA Following New Study On Drug Warnings

As we have duly noted in prior select posts, many individuals and enterprises operating within the health care realm in New York and nationally are routinely under intense public and regulatory scrutiny. And among all those industry participants, there is perhaps no other entity so closely perused as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, especially Read More

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Front-And-Center Regulatory Scrutiny Now On MD-Owned Hospitals

Doctor-owned medical facilities — chiefly hospitals — are bad for consumers and the public health. No, wait a minute, they’re a positive development that materially promotes a salutary bottom line in a truly broad-based way. Those polar-opposite views are the core bullet points in any debate focusing upon close physician involvement in an ownership capacity Read More

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New Safety Concerns: More For Medical Entities To Oversee, Manage

Opportunities, yes. And challenges across all dimensions, too, with related management and liability concerns — a reality that is simply a commonplace for American medical actors across all spheres. Any individual in New York or elsewhere who is even remotely connected with the medical industry in any capacity flatly knows the unrelenting bureaucratic and regulatory Read More

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Recent Medical Study Underscores Scrutiny Of Health Care Industry

It really never stops, and that implacable reality becomes firmly cemented for any actor within the medical field the instant that he or she begins training for an ultimate position as a doctor, pharmacist, lab technician, therapist, facility administrator or other role in the industry. “It” is this: the unrelenting scrutiny that is focused on Read More

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Help For Complexities Associated With The Health Care Industry

A variety of concerns can arise related to the health care industry and health care law such as the multitude of technical and complex concerns associated with regulatory and compliance issues in the health care industry. It is important to have protections when being questioned concerning health care law compliance, as well as to have Read More

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2017: A Year Of Continuing Challenges For The Health Care Industry

As we duly note on a health law-related page of our website at the proven New York law firm of Daniels, Porco & Lusardi, LLP, the American health care industry is replete with “layers of regulatory and compliance issues that must be addressed.” Everyone who is involved at all with the industry — and that Read More

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